Free Advertising worth thousands when you use Piaggio Tuk Tuks for your Deliveries.
Like Roots & Geek House, You too can own a Piaggio Delivery Tuk Tuk and get Maximum Brand Exposure.
Piaggio’s Delivery Vans, Ideal for Supermarkets, Dry Cleaners, Florists, Bottle Stores, Spaza’s shops & so much more…
Convert our Delivery Vans into Pop Up Stores for, Fast Food, Beverage Pop Ups, Bubbly Bars, Coffee Stations……..
Piaggio Tuk Tuks offer Great Branding Opportunities for Advertising as Moving Billboards.
Call today on 010 880 3755, Email Web to find out more about Piaggio’s Delivery Van & full Range of Tuk Tuks!

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